Hi everyone! I am Anthony Galloway, a photographer serving Columbia, SC and the surrounding area.  I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people, places, and events that I photograph.  

Anthony Galloway Photography offers photography services ranging from family or individual portraits, landscape, commission work, real estate, head shots, or any event you want to capture and treasure for years to come.

It was about 9 years ago when I purchased my first DLSR camera and really discovered my passion for photography. This passion came from my desire to capture the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I grew up.  From there I expanded my photography into capturing landscapes and my family.

Now, my passion has blossomed into a career that I cherish.  What is there not to love; I get to photograph beautiful, amazing people and their families, document some of the happiest moments in a person's life, capture a breathtaking landscape or the design of architecture, and also help entrepreneurs bring their businesses to life with pictures!