Portrait Investment Overview

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Anthony Galloway Photography!  Here, I will discuss the investment and also the process that I will use to conduct a customized portrait experience so that I can provide you with beautiful wall art that you can cherish for a lifetime.  Anthony Galloway Photography specializes in creating beautiful prints, canvas wraps, metal and acrylic wall art, and luxurious, hand crafted albums.  If you are inquiring about commercial or landscape photography please click the "Contact Me" link below and email or call.  If you are inquiring about real estate photography/videography click "here".

One of the first questions I ask my clients is what they would like to do with their images.  This is extremely important because for the past decade the standard has been to call someone with a nice camera and schedule a 30-minute photoshoot, with hardly any coordination take the pictures, and then get the digital files sent to you on cd, thumb drive, or as an online download.  Once this happens the images end up on Facebook or Instagram and then forgotten.  This is not the experience you will have with Anthony Galloway Photography.  Instead of a cd or thumb drive getting lost in the junk drawer, I want you to be able to look at your images everyday and enjoy seeing them the way they were meant to be seen.

The experience you will get with Anthony Galloway Photography is a 4 step process that allows me to plan an amazing, custom portrait experience for you and helps guarantee that you get exactly what you want when we are finished.  These steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Consultation

During the consultation I like to meet at a coffee shop or a relaxed environment were we will discuss what your goals are for your session, the kind of images you want, when and where you want conduct the session, and finally what you want to do with your images.  We can even met at your home and conduct a walk through to look at wall space to determine where and what type of portraits will go best in a specific area. We do all of this because great portrait sessions are not accidental.  

Step 2: Session

Following the consultation is the the portrait session.  This where all the planning, coordination, and preparation gets put into action.  Here we will work together in whatever location(s) you have chosen and we will create beautiful images you and your family.  The session can take place at a location(s) you desire or in a studio environment.  During the session we will keep everything fun and relaxed and make sure everyone is having great time to ensure many great images are being captured.  

Step 3: Selection & Ordering

The selection and ordering appointment is one of the most the fun and exciting parts.  This is where you will see all the planning and work during the session come to life. All of your images will displayed in large format for you to see.  Here we will review your images, view display options, and design albums or other products that bring your images to life.  This step is important because it where we custom design one of a kind items for you to display in your home for generations to enjoy.   

Step 4: Delivery & Installation

The final step of our process takes place between 3 and 4 weeks after the selection and ordering appointment.  At this time I will call you and set up a time for me to deliver your portraits.  I can deliver your portraits to any location that is convenient for you, and if you would like I can come to your home and install your wall art for you.  After delivery and installation it is my desire that you see tremendous value in the planning, process, and the beautiful items and wall art you get to enjoy for years to come.  

Session Fee

Every client I have is treated with care and is heavily invested in to ensure that they have a truly amazing experience. For this reason my session is $250, which covers my time, creative talent, retouching of 20-30 images and expertise that I will dedicate and pour into your session.  This session fee is also non-refundable and solidifies a specific time and date for your portrait session.  The session fee does not include any products or digital files.  Those are invested in from an a la carte menu during your selection and ordering appointment.  Most of my clients love their portraits so much that, on average, they invest an additional $600-$1500 on wall art, albums, and digital files. There is no minimum investment amount and you can choose to invest more or less depending on your needs.